Marty Calhoun  B.Sc.,P.TCa 
Registered Physical Therapist & Advanced
CranioSacral Therapist. 

Marty received a degree in Physical Therapy from Queen's University prior to starting his Calgary practice in 1996. His practice has evolved over the years, blending Physical Therapy knowledge and experience, with additional skills and techniques. This has led to a more focused approach using gentle, sensitive hands to discover and release adhesions and other tissue restrictions. His studies have been ongoing through various Institutes namely Milne, Barral, Upledger, Mackenzie and Barnes. He is well trained in Craniosacral Therapy, achieving Advanced level. In addition he has solid training and experience in SomatoEmotional Release and deep tissue release techniques such as Myofascial Release and Visceral Manipulation. 
Marty is also fully trained in the Mackenzie Method of active spinal care, and has much experience with treating back and neck pain. In addition, he has developed a special interest in treating TMJ(jaw) pain, headaches/migraines and concussions.
"have been a registered Physiotherapist in Alberta since 1996. I began my practice in active care  focusing on movement and therapeutic exercise, rather than passive modalities and cookie cutter Physio clinic approaches.  I soon began to see that treatment focusing on the brain and spinal chord and the surrounding fascial network, was a far more effective and comprehensive way of addressing dysfunction in the entire human body. I already possessed a tremendous respect for nutrition and natural medicine in healing, however I could see how powerfully the Nervous system co-ordinated healing within the vast amount of information from the physiology, fascia, muscles, as well as the intelligent Gut-Brain. The sensitive nervous system both central, peripheral and visceral became a focus of intense study via Osteopathic models such as Craniosacral, myofascial and Visceral release approaches.                                   

I now see a growing number of concussions/head injuries and CNS traumas in my practice. I would call my specialization, if such a word is even appropriate, a Nervous System Release Therapist, which is in part what Craniosacral does.  Since this label is very limiting in some ways, I use it loosely to describe an approach rather than a specific set of skills. I am a movement therapist who addresses restrictions and dysfunctions in the tissue surrounding the brain and spinal chord as well as the "Gut-Brain"(Viscera) and Myofascial networks. Whether helping TMJ pain and headaches with foggy thinking on one end of the spectrum, vs low back and leg and foot pain on the other end, I treat patients with varying types of pain and dysfunction, in all parts of the body. "


                                                                                                                                                                                                            Marty Calhoun                                                                                                            

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, light touch method of releasing tensions deep in the body to relieve pain. CST also releases restrictions around the brain and spinal cord to enhance central nervous system performance and allow the body to relax and self-correct. CranioSacral Therapy strengthens the body's natural healing processes to enhance resistance to disease and overall health. Using a light touch (starting with the weight of a nickel) to evaluate your internal environment, this technique is used to release restrictions found.CranioSacral Therapy has also effective in aiding the body's ability to help relieve individuals with pain, illness and dysfunction. Including:

  • Migraine Headaches
  • Chronic Neck and Back Pain
  • Motor-Coordination Impairments
  • Central Nervous System Disorders
  • Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Orthopedic Problems
  • Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Emotional Difficulties
  • Stress and Tension-Related Problems
  • Fibromyalgia and other Connective-Tissue Disorders
  • Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)
  • Post-Surgical Dysfunction
Your CranioSacral Therapy session will take place in a quiet, private setting and you will remain fully clothed in a relaxing environment. The therapist will contact various parts of your body while listening carefully. This hands on technique allows the therapist to monitor your body's fluid rhythm that moves around your central nervous system to locate areas of weak fluid flow or tissue movement. By locating the weak areas the practitioner can trace through the body to the original source of dysfunction.

 Somato Emotional Release

SER is an aspect of Craniosacral Therapy in which tissue release uncovers emotional or stress related trauma in the body. Trauma enters the body in a specific way from an injury or impact and by realigning the tissue in the exact way that the initial trauma entered the body, the tissue along with any trapped emotional aspects from the incident can be released. 

Myofascial Release 

Fascia is a connective tissue that goes everywhere throughout the entire body! It is a supportive netting or sheathing that supports organs, arteries and veins, nerves, lymphatic tissue, muscle and bone. To be technically correct "myo" is latin for muscle and therefore myofascial speaks specifically of the fascia sheaths that surround every muscle in the body. Since all fascia interconnects in some way, regardless of what it is surrounding, when we perform myofascial release we are actually releasing all fascia in the body. For example, if tight abdominal muscle fascia is released so too will it give release and slack into the fascia that surrounds the organs underneath, as well as the nerve networks that course through the gut. This will subsequently release into the fascia surrounding the spinal cord. Can you see how important it is to find and free fascial restrictions?

Treatments are most often covered by Extended Healthcare under Physiotherapy.



212, 2120 Kensington Rd. NW, Calgary, AB.

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